That's where you change your clan name. Ascending to the Typhoon league and playing enough games there will reward players with a commemorative flag, and if they are able to repeat the feat across several seasons, they can earn … LEAGUES. It is only one attack per player, so it's very important that all select members indeed attack on the war. What is the Clan War League and how it works? A clan needs at least 15 members to participate but can take more than this and switch players out between wars. Each War will last for 5 weeks, with one “River Race” each week. Sign-ups open on Wed 24th October and be open for 2 days. Everyone only has 1 attack. Clan Wars are always ongoing; they do not need to be started by a leader or co-leader. However, if you don't want to be in a clan war, you can opt out. Hi guys, wanted to share my video showcasing how the new clan war leagues will work. The top 40 players in your clan (ranked by trophy count) will join the war, the remaining 10 will be spectators. We would enjoy meeting you. Ask your admin to create a tournament and see who wins without any point chase to argue about. Remember tournaments can run 8, 16, 32, 64, or 128 slots either 1v1 or clan-based. ; In the clan members list, select the checkbox next to the name of the player to whom you want to delegate authority. The winners will be promoted to the next Clan War Leagues and the losers will be demoted. In Clan Wars, Clans compete against other Clans for rewards and Clan Trophies. Clan wars are an essential part of building a clan in Clash of Clans. We are always at war and need people like you to help us climb in CWL. Sign ups will open on Wed 24th October and be open for 2 … They increase the clan perks for the clan, and with an increase of perks, you get an increase of clan points. If the clan Commander wants to change their own position, they must first delegate authority to another clan member: In the side menu of the Clan Portal, go to the MILITARY PERSONNEL tab. Be aware that it cost 200 plat to do so. All Clan members who are at least King Level 6 and have attacks left are able to participate. A few key points: A clan needs at least 15 members to participate, but can take more than this and switch players out between wars. Lv 17 clan - Crystal League I - Always max clan games We have a Burnt Base clan subscription to help you plan your war attack. Each day different member can be chosen, so you can change your team during the war, removing users that didn't attack. For example, your clan has 50 members and you go to war with a clan that has 40, then the war will be 40v40. Available to players of Account Level 15 and higher, Clan Battles offer captains the opportunity to team up with their clan mates and face off against teams from other clans in epic sea battles. Get your doubts clear and increase your knowledge about Clans War League Update. Clan Wars are found under the Clan tab. We are a Patreon supporter of RH Base Building and post current bases built by pros for you to use. MLCW (Miner League Clan Wars) is a collection of leagues where clans of varying sizes, skill levels and time zones compete in arranged friendly wars on a weekly basis. Visit our discord. Everyone only has 1 attack. The bracketed tournaments are now back online. Go to, in your account info there will be a clan tab (if your the Warlord of your clan).

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