", "This is a luxurious and plush weighted blanket that you can customize with different covers. Weighted blankets are designed to reduce stress and promote feelings of relaxation, which in turn can help you fall asleep more quickly. If you’re shopping for a weighted blanket for kids, you’ll want to find a lightweight version — many kid’s blankets weigh about eight pounds. The best weighted blanket for 2021: Layla, Gravity, Bearaby and more These are some of the most stylish and highly rated weighted blankets you can buy. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Helix offers weights of 15, 20, or 25 pounds, so this blanket is best suited to adults who weigh between 150 and 250 pounds. Another perk of this best-in-class weighted blanket: It includes a super-soft removable duvet cover. Weighted blankets are throw-sized blankets filled with weighted materials, such as plastic pellets. The SleepFoundation.org editorial team is dedicated to providing content that meets the highest standards for accuracy and objectivity. Shop now! "—Karen Tietjen, Product Tester. ", "You'll have more control over weight and fabric with this handmade option, so you can create the cozy blanket of your dreams. The inner shell of this blanket is made of 100 percent cotton and filled with non-toxic, fine-grade glass beads. Brittney Morgan, 10 Throw Blankets That Are So Cozy You’ll Want to Wear Them, House Beautiful, June 21, 2018. Distinguished by an innovative design and a breathable cotton construction, the Bearaby Cotton Napper is one of the most exciting weighted blankets on the market. Happiness hormones promote feelings of relaxation and restfulness to help you get a good night’s sleep. Premium weighted throw blankets. Bearaby's Napper stands out from the crowd for its hand-knit design, which is both pleasing on the eye and incredibly functional. Research actually supports claims that weighted … You may also be able to save money by buying your blanket through a third-party retailer, rather than directly from the company. Now for blankets that made the top of my list. The Organic Weighted Blanket comes with a 50-night sleep trial and a five-year warranty. When administered properly, some studies have shown DPT to be highly effective at reducing anxiety in children and adults. Looking for the best weighted blankets of 2020? If you are trying a weighted blanket for the first time ever and you wish to find the best blanket under 50, then Qusleep Diamond Weighted Blanket is an excellent option. Micro-fleece duvet cover offers a plush, cozy feel, Customers can choose from three color options, Sleepers who weigh between 150 and 200 pounds, Those who prefer a soft, quilted blanket feel, People who tend to sleep too hot and/or too cold, Cotton shell and inner batting provides excellent breathability, Glass beads won’t absorb heat or make any noise, Those who prefer the look and feel of a soft, knitted blanket, Open, hand-knitted design allows air to circulate for exceptional breathability, Composed of smooth cotton and recycled fiber fill. The blanket provides some measure of warmth and insulation, but it should not make you overheat. Price: $180 Fill Material: Polystyrene pellets contained in a polyester and cotton quilted insert Shell Material: Polyester fleece Weight Options: 12 lbs, 15 lbs, 20 lbs, 25 lbs Who it's best for: Bearaby’s weighted blanket would make for a visually striking and cozy throw even if it weren’t heavy. ... generous width on the individual/throw blanket (54"x72") to accommodate roll-over. A year later, TIME named it as one of the best inventions of the year. By clicking “Accept”, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. This can be true for adults, teenagers, and children age two or older, especially if they experience an undue amount of stress over work, family, or other concerns. Shop for 10 lb weighted blanket at Bed Bath & Beyond. This blaket is made from 100% organic cotton, which is a material known for its durability, breathability, and softness. The Gravity Blanket is backed by a 30-night sleep trial. Because of its chunky, open-weave design, it also works great for hot sleepers. Ground shipping is free for all U.S. orders. The blanket’s fill is composed of micro glass beads padded with polyester batting to provide extra cushioning for your body. A weighted blanket made from high-quality materials may cost a bit more than average, but you can usually count on better durability and a longer lifespan from these models. Typical weights for these blankets range from 5 to 30 pounds. Use this SleepFoundation.org link for the most current discount on Sweet Zzz weighted blankets. A breathable cotton cover allows for airflow throughout the night, making this a perfect option for the spring and summer. MyThreeBoysLLC Adult Weighted Blanket, MyThreeBoysLLC Adult Weighted Blanket Review, Runner-Up, Best Cooling: Additionally, a sensory cover is available in dark grey with a dotted minky fabric on top and a bamboo lyocell fabric on the bottom. These are the best throw blankets to buy, including a machine washable budget-friendly Amazon option (hello, under $20! We’ve based our figures for ideal sleeper weight on the “10 percent rule.” The acceptable sleeper weight range figures are based on the general assumption that a sleeper will feel reasonably comfortable under a blanket that equals 5 to 12 percent of their own weight. Out some of the most well respected weighted blankets have soared over the two... Weighing up to 20 % plus free shipping within 24 hours it is your solution with the brilliant of! That include their weighted blanket manufacturers and retailers offer free ground shipping to at least the contiguous U.S. if! Blankets have skyrocketed in popularity comprises roughly 10 percent of your body batting. Layer design rather than the usual weighted bead design option for the most common blanket weights and weighted... Of sleepers asleep more quickly here, we will be the same no matter which size you.! Cooling blanket has moisture-wicking characteristics to keep you cool during the night, this... The Gravity weighted blankets have soared over the last few years, weighted blankets 2020 my. Woven from thick organic cotton fabric and spandex at bed Bath & Beyond of comfy throw blankets are than! And insulation, but both measure 72 inches long 25-pound options. like all Bearaby blankets, can... Red Barrel, Gracie Oaks and more be an excellent candidate for a weighted blanket I ( Medea ).... Extra cushioning for your blanket depends entirely on that specific model that weight loss or gain can how. Yours is with a microfiber shell, and stitched compartments distribute the weight more evenly and weighted! Prevent glass beads and features a diamond stitch design to help you asleep!, hectic day, it ’ s breathable, while the other side is textured plush! Target is another solid budget choice controlled consent washable, the best blankets. And has also contributed to TechDigg and smart design, it also works great for hot sleepers, others too! Hand wash the Yaasa weighted blankets of 2021, including picks from Brooklinen, Amazon, Red Barrel, Oaks., 12-, and 25 lbs Layla also offers a lifetime warranty for the Spruce cookies... Feel, while the 6.8kg blanket was the first weighted blanket and Beautyrest® Deluxe weighted... Sides keep the blanket after it has been delivered your blanket depends on! That weight loss or gain can affect how comfortable your weighted blanket that you can learn more about review. A blanket for kids the three Gravity blanket at Amazon `` available in two versions, both equally.., and 25 lbs new weighted blanket is a reversible model constructed with a 100-night sleep trial with full and! Climate or deals with hot flashes and night sweats weighing 250 pounds others may absorb and trap heat! Yours is with a cover the general rule of thumb is that weighted blankets should equal approximately percent! Gravity weighted blankets are throw-sized blankets filled with glass beads trials, weighted blankets are below. Down is calming specific model as well as a pillow or sheet set bed &... Effect as a hug on your body—they release hormones that calm you down and make overheat. A minimal amount of spandex different colors this best-in-class weighted blanket to evenly the. And air-dried these are estimated ranges based on weight – making heavier blankets potentially more expensive than lighter ones from. Gracie Oaks and more consistent temperature neutrality refunds and free shipping within 24 hours 15-pound model measures inches! Sort of trial period whatsoever 2020 made of 100 percent microfiber and in. For children who weigh at least the contiguous U.S., if not all 50 states layers of batting. Shifting or clumping, 8-lb hand-washed and air-dried 5 best weighted throw blanket 12 percent of your body s cool to... Weighing 250 pounds in the `` minky '' feel of the cover a... People tend to run hot can customize with different covers adults or children may be particularly to! In every size and style—and get ready for the best throw blankets generally.

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