(b) Has the applicant carried out the prospecting operation over the area held under PL and sent his report to the State Government? Granite Quarries In Andhra Pradesh Stone Crusher Machine. (ii) for sale for indigenous consumption. Provided that the authorised agent duly observed and performed the conditions on his part herein contained. The security deposit shall be released by the Assistant Director soon after the expire of lease period provided the Authorised Agent fulfilled all the lease deed conditions and other provisions of the Andhra Pradesh Minor Mineral Concession Rules, 1966. (1) The Reaches identified in Major Rivers where the sand is lifted and carried by means of boats, the Registered Boatsmen Co-operative Society registered under the Andhra Pradesh Co-operative Societies Act, 1964 shall be given preference by allowing 10% concession on the highest bid/tendered amount offered in the Auction Hall. (4) The right of quarrying shall be strictly subject to the confirmation or otherwise by the competent authority who has the right to refuse to confirm the right of quarrying sand with the reasons recorded therein. Gazette No. If so the consent of the owner and the occupier obtained in writing be filed. Whereas the authorised agent has been granted in [Sealed Tendercum- Public Auction] by the State Government the rights of collection of seigniorage fee in respect of the Minor Minerals specified in the schedule from the area specified : therein and has paid the 25% of knocked down amount towards 1st instalment and has furnished the bank guarantee for the remaining 75% of the knocked down amount and has deposited with the Assistant Director of Mines and Geology .................................. of the sum of [Rs. (xi) (a) A copy of Village Map which is not in less scale than village map showing the area applied for the situation of the area in respect of natural features such as streams or lakes. I intend to obtain the right of collection of seigniorage fee through Sealed Tender-cum-Public Auction for the sector ...................... in ...................... District. (b) Persons who have been debarred from obtaining Quarry Leases. Contravention of this clause shall result in levy of normal seigniorage fee along with five times penalty by the Assistant Director concerned on a complaint filed by the authorised agent and on establishing the same by the Assistant Director. (3) Generally to do all things which shall be convenient or necessary for getting the ......... and material hereby authorised to be got and for removing and disposing thereof as aforesaid. A sum of Rs. [The Director of Mines and Geology/Deputy Director of Mines and Geology concerned may, in the interest of Mineral Development and with reasons to be recorded in writing permit amalgamation of two or more adjoining leases held by a lessee; Provided that the period of amalgamated leases shall be co-terminus with the lease whose period will expire first or a minimum period of further 5 years from the date of amalgamation whichever is later.]. (Viii c):- In case of Lease granted to a partnership firm, such firm, with the prior approval of the Director of Mines & Geology, may be permitted to add new partners into the firm so that the original partners of the firm together shall continue to hold 51% of their share and voting rights in the reconstituted firm till expiry of Lease or subsequent renewal Lease period. The competent authority shall not be responsible for the loss in the postal transit or the delay in receipt of the sealed covers. ............. date ........... of .......... [any Nationalized Bank. Mineral Policy 2010 Mineral Policy 2011 Sand Mining Policy-2015 Sand Mining Policy-2017 MP Sand Mining Rules-2018 MP Sand Mining Rules-2019. [10E. - For purposes of this rule where a Deputy Director has failed to dispose of an application for the grant or renewal of a quarry lease within the period specified in respect thereof under these rules, the Deputy Director shall be deemed to have made an order refusing the grant or renewal of such lease on the date on which such period expires. (xii) A Tender once submitted shall not be withdrawn before the bid is concluded. A Comprehensive Locality Guide, yellow pages or list of companies, institutions, organizations, shops etc for Musheerabad - Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh with in the category of service like Mineral Water Dealers and the list includes Shree Sai Water Supply, Hyderabad Metro Water Supply and more Any subsequent offence shall result in termination of the Lease. Rent/Mineral Right Tax/Cesses. (6) The following persons shall not be entitled to participate in the auction. in the case of Village area ; the name of the village, the khasra number, the area in hectares of each field or part hereof applied for ; In case the area applied for is under forest, then the following particulars be given: -, Legal status of the Forest (namely reserved, Protected, unclassified etc.). 10,000 (Rupees ten thousand only). (ii) The said seigniorage fee of ....... per ...... shall be paid before the same is removed from the said demised pieces of land. 165/66 (Rupees One hundred and Sixty Five/Sixty Six), Ordinary sand/Sand manufactured from Boulders useful for Civil construction, Rs. Whether it will be supplied in raw form or after processing. ], [10G. I hereby declare that I am aware of the particulars furnished in regard to the Reach/Mandal for leasing out the right of quarrying for sand in the Notification in response to which I am submitting the tender. (4) If any question of difference or dispute shall arise between the parties hereto or any persons claiming under them respectively concerning the [knock-down amount] dead rent and seigniorage fee hereby reserved or touching the construction of any clause herein contained or the rights, duties or liabilities of the parties hereunder or in any other way touching or arising out of these presents the same shall be referred to the Director of Mines and Geology whose decision thereon shall be final and binding on the parties thereto. The sand required for Weaker Section Housing Programme shall be supplied free of cost at pit head by the bidder / tenderer and is exempted from payment of Seigniorage Fee on certificate issued by the District Collector or any other Officer nominated by him. The sale price at pit head before notification shall be fixed by the District Level Committee by considering the following points: Seigniorage Fee, Sales Tax, Income Tax and other taxes if any applicable during the course of lease period. (ii) If no documentary proof is produced in token of having paid the mineral revenue due to the Government by any person who used or consumed or in possession of any mineral including the processed mineral, he shall notwithstanding anything contained in sub-rule (1) be liable to pay [five times] of the normal seigniorage fee as penalty in addition to normal seigniorage fee leviable under the rules. 3. which is classified as patta land. (ii-A) Should any Prospecting fee or other sums due to the State Government under the terms and conditions of these presents be not paid by the Licensee within the prescribed time, the same may be recovered together with simple interest due there on at the rate of twenty four percent per annum on a certificate of such officer as may be specified by the State Government by general or special order in the same manner as on arrears of land revenue. These documents are to be submitted at the time of filing of application. You can support quality journalism by turning off ad blocker or purchase a subscription for unlimited access to The Hindu. In respect of Granite Slabs exceeding ceiling limit Seigniorage fee is payable by computing @ Rs. If so with relevant certified documents. (Viii b):—In case the Lease is granted to an Individual/Sole Proprietorship Firm, the Lessee, with the prior approval of the Director of Mines & Geology, may be permitted to change its constitution from individual/Proprietorship concern into partnership firm by adding new partners, on registering itself as a Partnership Firm under the Indian Partnership Act, 1932 and the original Lessee shall continue to hold 51% of his/her share and voting rights in the partnership firm so created, till expity of Lease or subsequent renewal Lease period. The Sealed Tenders shall be opened after the bidding is over for each Reach or Mandal. The Andhra Pradesh Mineral Development Corporation (APMDC) has acquired a rare cooking coal block (Brahmadiha) in Jharkhand. In respect of registered Boatsman Co-operative Society who remove and carry sand by Boats shall pay the knocked down amount in four equal quarterly instalments 15 days before the commencement of the quarter. That this lease may be terminated for violation of conditions of lease as mentioned in Rule 9(B) to 9(z). | The Hindu In Focus Podcast, Farmers’ protests | Government climbdown forced by Supreme Court refusal to stay Republic Day tractor rally, China defends new village in Arunachal Pradesh amid border construction push, quarterly or semiannual financial statement. 110/- (Rupees One hundred and Ten) and, Rs. (2) They extend to the entire State of Andhra Pradesh. [Provided [further] that the Deputy Director may with the prior approval of the Government grant a quarry lease overlooking the above priorities for any special reasons to be recorded in writing: Provided [also] that whenever more than one application falling under category (1) above are received for grant of quarry lease and have to be considered, the Deputy Director shall refer the matter to the Government with his recommendations for a direction. The Sealed Tenders shall be received till 5.00 p.m. on ................. in the office of the Assistant Director of Mines & Geology ...................... and the Auctions shall be conducted by .................................. at ................... on the day mentioned in the schedule at ................................ a.m. subject to the provisions of Andhra Pradesh Minor Mineral Concession Rules, 1966. She said: “We have also asked the industry to ensure mining is done responsibly and in an eco-friendly manner keeping ecological balance in mind and support local community with better livelihood and job creation.”. (x) If, in the course of prospecting or quarrying any mineral not specified in the licence or lease is discovered, the licensee or lessee shall at once report such discovery to the Assistant Director concerned to enable him to obtain the order of the Director for prospecting/quarrying of the same. For each additional Reach/Mandal an amount of Rs. (xi) That the Licensee shall not without the express sanction in writing of the said Assistant Director of Mines & Geology cut down or injure any timber or trees on the said lands but he may clear away brushwood or undergrowth which interferes with any operations authorised by these presents on payment of due compensation for cutting or injuring tree growth in the said lands to the departments concerned. to an applicant whose application is received later, in preference to earlier application with the prior approval of the Government for any special reasons to be recorded in writing: [Provided further that where a prospecting licence has been granted in respect of any land the Licensee shall have preferential right for obtaining a quarry lease in respect of that land over any other person in case he has undertaken prospecting operations to establish mineral resources and submitted a prospecting report in respect of such land and submitted quarry lease application within three months after expiry of the prospecting licence period and such right can be exercised only once over the entire prospected area.]. XII. (ii) The licensee or lessee shall deposit in any Government Treasury and file challans with the Assistant Director concerned for all sums payable to the Government under the terms of licence or lease or permit. There shall be open auction and the bidding from different tenderers / bidders shall continue till the highest bid has been arrived at. In case of repeated violations vehicle will be confiscated by the officer not below the rank to the Assistant Director of Mines and Geology. If so the consent of the owner and the occupier of the land obtained in writing be filed. (2) Whenever any person raises or transports minor minerals without any lawful authority, such minerals may be seized by an Officer nominated by the Director of Mines and Geology in this behalf in addition to the imposition of the penalty under sub-rule (1) : Provided that in no case, the penalty shall exceed [ten times] the normal seigniorage fee and the lease or permit already granted may, at the discretion of the Deputy Director, be liable to be terminated or cancelled. No person shall be admitted into Auction Hall without the Hall Ticket issued by the Assistant Director of Mines & Geology concerned. (ii) The renewal of quarry lease application shall be disposed of by the Director before the expiry of lease : Provided that where the renewal of quarry lease application is not disposed of before the expiry of lease, it is deemed to have been extended till the application is disposed of by the Director. The way bills will be issued proportionate to the knocked down bid amount by calculating Seigniorage Fee as specified in the Schedule-1 of Rule 10 of Andhra Pradesh Minor Mineral Concession Rules, 1966. The permit is valid for ................................................................................. from ............. to ................................. and shall expire on ........................ . (2) When quarry lease is granted, the assessment on the land together with the seigniorage fee or dead rent, whichever is higher, shall also be charged. Nature of the land chosen for dumping overburden/waste and tailings (that is type of land whether agricultural, grazing land ; barren, saline land etc.) (b) description of the area applied for renewal (description should be adequate for the purpose of demarcating the plot), (c) particulars of map of the lease hold with area applied for renewal clearly marked on it (attached), (d) particulars of existing or created dumps of ones, if any. The lessor hereby demises to the lessee all those several pieces or pieces of land situated in the village of ........ in the sub-registration district of ......... and registration district of ........ in Andhra Pradesh being more particularly described in the schedule hereunder written and delineated in the map or plan hereunto annexed and therein coloured. Owing to cumbersome process, only a negligible amount was being explored, he stated. (d) (1) The following are the auctioning, confirming and appellate authority: (3) In case there is no hike of the bid for a particular Reach/Mandal both in the Public Auction and Sealed Tenders offered by all the participants:-. largest source in India . (Under Condition 2 to the Annexure to Form A-1 under Rule 10-B), Office of the (3) In case of leases for minor minerals useful for road metal ballast serving as a captive source for a crusher unit the renewal may be granted as long as crushing unit is in operation.]. The State Government may without prejudice to the provisions contained in the Act or any other rule in these Rules, change simple interest at the rate of Twenty four per cent, per annum on any amount payable under these rules or under the terms and conditions if any quarry lease from the sixteenth day of the expiry of the date fixed for payment of such amount and until payment of such sums is made.]. (ii) The maximum period for which a quarry lease for granite and marble may be granted shall not exceed thirty years : Provided that the minimum period for which any such quarry lease may be granted shall not be less than twenty years. (b) the details of geology and lithology of the area, the extent of manual quarrying and through machines. - (a) The District Collector shall take all precautionary measures to stop illegal mining of sand in the District. (viii) The lessee shall without delay send to the Assistant Director a report of any accident involving the death or injury to any person which may occur in or around the quarry and shall observe all rules for the time being in force regulating the working of quarries; (ix) The lessee shall not assign, sublet, transfer or otherwise dispose of the area under lease or permit without obtaining the previous sanction in writing of the Deputy Director ; [A quarry lease granted in public auction for sand is not open for transfer ;]. M of tile per each slice cutting machine per blade. Give also the extent of area in hectares set apart for dumping of waste and tailings. In the event of default of payment of penalty within a period of one month an officer not below the rank of Assistant Director of Mines and Geology or any officer authorized by the Director of Mines and Geology shall be competent to seize the unit from its operation by duly recording panchanama. He, however, does not have any right for any type of compensation arising out of non-working of the quarries, and due to expiry, lapse, determination cancellation etc., of the leases. 10M. The Government can prohibit quarrying operations in part or whole of the area under lease with recorded reasons. The Pattadar, who is claiming the ownership of the land shall produce valid documents and also certificate issued by the concerned Mandal Revenue Officer. The Hall Ticket holder may be assisted by not more than two assistants during Auctions to participate in the Auction. Note: - In case of partnership firm the partnership deed in case of Private Limited Company, the Articles of Association and in case of Registered Labour Contract Co-operative Society a certificate from the Divisional Co-operative Officer concerned should be produced for participating in the auction: I declare that the particulars furnished above are true to the best of my knowledge. There shall be open auction and the bidding from different tenderers / bidders shall continue till the highest bid has been arrived at. Note: - In respect of matters for which no special provision is made in this sub-rule for granite, the provisions contained in other rules shall apply. 1,00,000/- (Rupees One Lakh only) or equivalent to bid amount which ever is less through National Saving Certificate duly pledged in favour of Governor or Bank Guarantee issued from any Nationalized Banks and execute the lease deed with the Assistant Director of Mines & Geology concerned in Form G-I on stamped paper as per the Registration and Stamp Act within seven days from the date of confirmation order. We have been keeping you up-to-date with information on the developments in India and the world that have a bearing on our health and wellbeing, our lives and livelihoods, during these difficult times. Rules, 1966. DECCAN CHRONICLE. 3850/- (Rupees three the thousand eight hundred and fifty only) per kiln per annum for Bricks and Tiles, Super Gang Saw above 300 Cm. Patra, Chairman-cum-Managing Director of Indian Rare Earth Limited. Due or through his Power of Attorney holder and acknowledgement obtained. XIII. In the G.O. We have been present throughout the Auction Proceedings and witnessed the proceedings. [10A. (2) In case of a Boatsmen Co-operative Society who can participate in the auction in respect of areas like River, water tanks, ponds and from where sand is to be lifted in Boats, such society shall submit genuinity certificate pertaining to the society from the concerned Divisional Co-operative Officer along with a Statement of Annual audited statement of accounts audited by the Co-operative Department of the preceding year or in its absence, the previous preceding year together with byelaws of the Society. To pay the sum equivalent to 25% of the knocked down amount within the immediate next two working days and to tender the same before the auctioning authority. ....... shall be returned to him at the expiration of the said term of ...... years. If the successful tenderer/bidder fails to comply with the above formalities or if the privilege acquired could not be functioned he shall not be absolved of the responsibility to pay the knocked down amount. He has to ensure that all such Sealed Tenders and registers are kept safe under his personal custody duly observing all the possible safety measures. The excess quantity beyond 10% is liable for penalization under [Rule 34 (1).]. Provided that such sanction shall be accorded that there is no speculation involved in the transfer of licence or lease : Provided further that the transferor and the transferee shall not be in arrears of any mineral revenue to the Government. 2. Provided that in all the cases mentioned at (viii b), (viii c), (viii d), the Lessee shall pay 2(two) times of dead rent payable under Schedule II of Rule 10 of Andhra Pradesh Minor Mineral Concession Rules, 1966 as charges for affecting changes in constitution/reconstitution of the firms/companies and the lessee shall be made an application before the Assistant Director of Mines & Geology concerned in Form-R-1 appended to this order, alongwith the non-refundable application fee of Rs. On the next working day of the completion of the auctions, he shall circulate the file to the confirming authority for obtaining orders by a special messenger. (d) No person shall bid for any person unless he holds a Registered Power of Attorney and presents an application signed by such person. Date .................. Signature of the lessee / authorized representative. Leases granted for sand by Tender or by Public auction are not liable for transfer. The successful Tenderer/Bidder after making agreement shall be bound to observe the laws, rules and regulations, instructions of Mines and Geology Department and the Government that might be enforced during the currency of the lease or the privilege. Sy. shall be accompanied by a sketch drawn to the Scale demarcating the boundaries for easy identification on the ground duly signed by the applicant and by a qualified Surveyor and by a treasury or bank challan for Rs. The right of collection of seigniorage fee shall be strictly subject to the confirmation by the competent person who has the right to refuse to confirm with reasons recorded. ............. to be forfeited and also to reenter upon the demised pieces of land or any part thereof in the name of the whole and thereupon this demise shall absolutely determine but without prejudice to the right of actions of the Government in respect of any breach or non observance of the Licensees covenants herein contained. - Every appeal under Rule 35 or application for revision under Rule 35-A shall be accompanied by a treasury receipt showing that [a fee of rupees five hundred if it is an appeal or a fee of rupees one thousand if it is an appeal for revision], has been paid into a Government Treasury or in any Branch of the State Bank of Hyderabad doing the Treasury business, to the credit of the State Government under the following Head of account: -, [128. ", Rs. The Hall ticket issuing authority may reject the application of any one who. No. 17. Updated Nov 6, … The right of collection of seigniorage fee shall be strictly subject to the confirmation by the competent authority who has the right to refuse the right of collection of seigniorage fee with reasons recorded. The inter-se ratio of shares among original Directors shall not be changed during such a transfer. A select list of articles that match your interests and tastes. Published vide Notification No. If the tenderer/bidder fails to comply with the above formalities or take out the sector and for that reasons if the privilege acquired could not be functioned he shall not be absolved from the responsibility to pay the knocked down amount. and date of Bank Draft/Bankers Cheque obtained from any Scheduled Bank for an amount equivalent to 25% of the Minimum Bid: Particulars of Leases if any under different mineral Concession: Mineral Revenue Dues Clearance Certificate in Form 'H' enclosed or not: (a) Has he been convicted for any penal offence or any offence under M and M (R and D) Act, 1957: (b) Has he been debarred earlier in participating auctions or to obtain leases under different Mineral Concessions: Whether agreed to pay a sum equivalent to 25% of the knocked down amount within two working days and the remaining 75% of the amount within the prescribed time in the confirmation order: To pay the sum equivalent to 25% of knocked down amount along with prevailing IT there of in the form of demand draft, obtained from any scheduled Bank within two working days and to tender the same before the ADMG concerned. The application fee and deposit are subject to revision from time to time. [10B. - The successful tenderer or bidder shall have no claims for any compensation due to floods or heavy rains or any other situation and extension of the lease period shall not be granted under any circumstances. Such Sealed Tender shall be kept under the safe custody of the Assistant Director. Date of Birth and Age of the applicant (persons of 18 years below not eligible): Reach/Mandal for which he intends to participate in the auction/for submission of sealed tender: Affidavit in the prescribed Form on a Non-Judicial Stamped paper worth Rs. (d) The Municipalities concerned who are the approving authorities for Housing Plans or Shopping / Commercial Complexes are empowered to recover the component of Seigniorage Fee on sand at the rates specified under Schedule-1 of Rule 10 of Andhra Pradesh Minor Mineral Concession Rules, 1966 with one time penalty in case of procurement of sand by any builder without any valid permit in respect of constructions which are of the value of above Rs. It is hereby agreed and declared that in regard to the said [knock down amount]dead rent and seigniorage fee the following conditions shall be observed by the lessee. (c) If the lessee violates the provisions as stipulated above, necessary action shall be taken for cancellation of the lease after obtaining the information from the concerned departments after giving an opportunity. (ii) The Assistant Director shall announce at the commencement of the bidding for each sector the names of the Tenderers as well as the proposed bidders who have obtained Hall Tickets for that Sector. & less than 300 Cm. If I am the successful Tenderer/Bidder and if it is knocked down in my favour, I declare and agree to abide : Sworn and signed before me on .......... this ......... date of ..... 199 ... (Under Condition 2 of Annexure to Form 'A-I' under Rule 10-B). | N VAMSI SRINIVAS. Holder of the permit shall allow the executive staff and the officers of the Department of Mines and Geology to inspect, check, and measure the minor minerals in all stages of movement. The deposits of others shall be returned after three days of auction on a written request by the participants for the same and the deposits of those who like to avail the opportunity of getting the lease in case the first, second and third highest Tenderer/Bidder become defaulters will be retained with the Assistant Director and returned after the agreement is made. (b) The lessee further shall take all precautionary measures in conducting mining operations as per the relevant stipulations made under Mettalliferrous Mines Regulations, 1961. In case any vehicle is found transporting to the neighbouring State even with permit it will be treated as violation of rules and the penal provisions as specified in Rule 9X will apply besides the lease shall be liable for cancellation. - (1) When an area is to be leased out by Sealed Tender cum Auction for sand quarrying, the Assistant Director of Mines & Geology concerned shall issue a Notice in Form 'S 1' by publishing in the two State level Newspapers (out of which one shall be in leading Telugu dailies) not less than 15 days before the date of auction. However, the lessee is required to obtain the transit forms in advance for transportation of [granite and marble] and shall render the account of the Assistant Director concerned once in a month. (vii) Period for which the renewal of lease is required. (a) the dead rent for the 1st year shall be paid by the lessee at the time of execution of lease deed and for the subsequent years, every year in advance. (i) Name of the applicant with complete address. Filled-in applications shall be submitted two days before the date of auction [excluding the date of auction] before 5.00 PM to the Assistant Director of Mines & Geology concerned and obtain proper acknowledgement.

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